February 23, 2010

Sex and freedom in the West - Myth vs. Reality

***If you grew up in the West, you may have developed the idea that sexually, it is very free. In a way, it is, but in order to enjoy the "sexual liberation" of the West, you cannot just be an average Joe. In order to meet exciting and beautiful women, you have to be either super good-looking, tall, and handsome (and young, too) or be super successful. That means that a small percentage of men enjoys this kind of life and a big percentage lives lives of drudgery and hard work. in addition to all that, there is a great deal of ageism in the West- unless you have a glamorous job as a senator or a movie star, meeting younger women if you are over 40 ( in some cases, over 25) is also not an easy proposition. In other words, for an average bloke who is middle income and middle aged, life can be pretty lonely and sexually frustrating. That is , if you mind dating many women who are overweight or divorced with kids or plain unattractive.

The prostitution industry in the US is highly regulated, extremely expensive and the majority of women who are involved in it are not very attractive physically.

In spite of the Hollywood culture portraying life in America as an endless sex party, an average person there hardly has more than 10 partners in his or her lifetime.

This is in stark contrast to many societies, Thailand, for one, where many local men visit prostitutes regularly and have a choice of incredibly beautiful ones for a very affordable price. However, this is done more or less discreetly and is not mentioned in casual conversation. Expats who lived in Thailand for a long time would come up with the statement: "Americans talk about "it" but don't do it, Thais don't talk about it, but do it.

If you visit any big entertainment area in Bangkok, Manila, Phnom Penh, Rio, and even Moscow, you will find thousands upon thousands of Westerners who either live there or visit regularly all for the purpose of being able to have sex any time they want. If the West were as liberated as it is portrayed in the movies, why would there be such a powerful sex tourism movement *out* of the West?

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