February 23, 2010

Media stereotypes of foreign countries and hidden treasures to discover

***As a child, while we were growing up, we had stereotypes about other countries. We also watched the news or saw movies in which certain countries were portrayed in a certain way. If you are like most Americans, you would probably think good things about the following countries and think of visiting them:

Hawaii (not a country, but still a desirable destination)
Hong Kong

These countries are thought of a good and developed with friendly and romantic people living in them.

You probably were taught that the countries below were "bad”, populated by unfriendly people:

Arab countries

You would probably think these countries as being dangerous to visit:

South American countries

After all, people in them probably hate the Americans and want to kill or kidnap them

The following countries would probably evoke a neutral reaction from you:


Not too romantic but also not too dangerous. Most vacations would not be planned around visiting the above.

Some countries would be seen as "exotic":

Brazil (Rio)
India ( Taj Mahal)
Egypt (Cairo only)

The world outside of the desirable countries would be unknown to most Americans and most tourists would not be going there. Not many Americans plan a holiday in Slovakia or Rangoon, Myanmar. Outside of the US military people, few would ever venture to go to the Philippines. This way, huge "swaths" of the world are not visited by mainstream Americans and other Westerners and beautiful cultures, architectural landmarks, very friendly people and stunningly beautiful women do not get discovered. And this brings us to one axiom of an international traveler and international dater-" the best places to find women are the ones that few tourists go to". I would even venture to say that the places with the "bad reputation" in the news are the best.

How about a vacation in Crimea, Ukraine?
How about a holiday in Cebu, the Philippines?
How about a trip to Barquisemetos, Venezuela or Recife, Brazil?

You will have a hundred times more fun, meet more women and make more friends than if you went the well-trodden paths of major tourist destinations. Countries that are the most unknown and the ones that have a "bad reputation" usually have social, cultural and romantic treasures that most well known places simply cannot provide.

And another tip- the best places in such countries for everything social, cultural and romantic are second and third biggest cities. Not too rural for comfort and not as alienating as big capitals where people are much harder to meet.

So, travel the path that is least traveled by and your social life will be so much more rewarding.


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