April 2, 2010

Respect and Welcome

A rich man in a poor man's house is always welcome-
A velvet carpet he will have unrolled for him.
No matter how unpleasant he may be or how galsome,
The poor man's house with sheepish smiles will brim.

A rich man in a poor man's land is always greeted-
A fat and burly tourist dollar notes will wave,
And with supreme respect by natives he'll be treated;
Each one is set to do his will just like a slave.

A poor man's daughter will a rich man marry
No matter how ugly, old or fat the man may be.
A lovely maiden, tender as a fairy
To wed the blimp with pleasure will agree.

But in a rich man's home a poor man isn't wanted;
With squeamish grimaces he' ll be received
And treated like a dog, and taunted,
And out the door he lastly will be heaved.

A poor man in a rich man's country isn't cherished;
As one unworthy leper he will be address't,
And so that he may not from hunger perish,
Hard, dirty work he'll do at scornful men's behest.

A rich man's daughter will scrunch up her features
If ever she may face a poor man's son.
Although handsome, a subhuman creature
He'll be to her, a serf whom she must shun.

And thus, depending on your social status
The people will be treating you on Earth.
Respect is something you will not get gratis:
It just depends on your financial worth.


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